Couples Testimonials


Dear Brides and Grooms to be!

If there is anything your planning for when getting married in Dubai, it should be Theresa. Theresa MADE our entire ceremony. It is so important to be relaxed and comfortable and feel connected to the individual who conducts your symbolic ceremony. Theresa is just this. From the moment we met, and I heard her voice on the phone I felt so at ease and so confident for the day ahead.

To be honest, I was just expecting to meet with another vendor.. to tick my list, another major thing outstanding would now be complete. I came home however and found this beautiful, vibrant lady filled with smiles and giggles waiting to greet me. Theresa makes the world a better place with her smile and instantly puts you at ease. Theresa is a listener and this is so important when it comes to discussing how you want the day to go. Everyone is watching, cameras are filming and you’re nervous enough already… so the wording and the order of events needs to be in capable hands. Let me tell you, I never worried about a thing. Not for a second, if anything Theresa became my confidante and made everything simple and enjoyable.

My husband is shy… and I was really worried that it was all going to be a but much. Actually wait shy is an understatement! He is beyond timid and extremely conscious of people listening to him speak English as it is not his native language. Yet lo and behold, I had him walking down an aisle, saying vows twice the length of mine and loving every second of it!! We could never have achieved this if Theresa wasn’t with us every step of the way. 99% percent of the feedback mentioned how beautiful our ceremony was and how they could all feel our love. This is purely down to the way Theresa conducted our ceremony and made all the guests feel welcome.

Now, I know this reads like a testimonial which I suppose in a way it is.. however, I really want to say I am not writing this like a review of a vendor, I am writing about a friend who impacted our lives and made our wedding day. There are people who impact you from the first meeting, there are people who have infectious spirits… this is Theresa. I genuinely love her dearly and cannot recommend her enough.

PS… just a little note to B&G’s out there reading this: When the legal part is done and your bursting to get in your white dress, take the time to remember the importance of the day. The ceremony specifically. Take it slow and absorb every single second. I am sure you will have read this whilst planning for your day… but it really does go so fast. It’s now almost a month since my wedding and what I can remember the most is Theresa at the end of the aisle giving it her all to make this day perfect for us. And it was just that, perfect.

You will make right and wrong decisions when picking wedding vendors here in Dubai… but make the right choice when it comes to your celebrant and choose Theresa. Just look at my photos that Theresa has shared on this page.. look at my face and you will know this is more than just a testimonial.
Lots of Love,
Yasser & Ruth

‘From the minute we met Theresa,

we knew she was the right person to marry us. She exuded vibrancy, warmth and love and had a whole load of passion about marriage; which Stephen affectionately coined as PAM! A few weeks later, Teresa came to Sri Lanka and married us in front of friends and family.

She gathered everyone around us in a semi-circle and with the ocean as a back drop, she shared our love story and we exchanged vows, in a most beautiful, intimate setting. She had everyone in tears…….Amazing!! Thank you Theresa for creating and sharing very special memories with us. ‘

Cecilia & Stephen xx

Jessica and Mohammed ( Dan) Ali:

Theresa’s passion for marriage and love is truly inspirational.

From the moment we met her, we knew straight away that we wanted her to be part of our special day.

Uniting together from two different cultures, it was extremely important to us that although our ceremony would not be religious based we wanted to ensure that the importance of us starting our life together as man and wife was met. Theresa tailored made our ceremony to help us incorporate both of our cultures into the blessing.She explained to us that our day would be about two people joining together and celebrating our love for one another in front of all the most important people to us.

She is so kind hearted and easy to talk to whilst bringing the joy of marriage alive, making you feel at ease and excited for this huge step in life.

I am so thankful to have found her and recommend her 100%.

Theresa you truly are amazing!!!!!

There is love in marriages and there is love for marriages and that is exactly what our wonderful celebrant Theresa Du Toit is about!

Her love for and love in marriages is brighter than the sunshine itself! She brings two souls together in humble and happy ways and that makes for the best start to a marriage.

Theresa met us a few times before the wedding and she listened to our story. She understood exactly why we loved each other and supported us in getting ready for married life. She went beyond just the celebratory event on the day, her connections in the Dubai weddings arena gave us options on planners, florists, musicians and much more. She was an integral part of our weddings and it would not have been the same without Theresa.

As for her role as the celebrant, she is bubbly, she is a ray of sunshine, she is passionate, she is joyful and happy. She made the entire ceremony smile, laugh and be happy. Theresa brought out, not just our love for each other but every couple, parent, child and friends love for life and love in each other. She portrayed love as it should be and certainly brought everyone together.There were many wonderful moments at our wedding and one highlight was the way Theresa conducted the ceremony.

She stays in touch with us constantly and again has gone beyond being the celebrant, she is and will be a great role model in our lives. Her footsteps in life are a great example of love and we would highly recommend Theresa as a friend, a confidant, a role model and the most wonderful wedding celebrant!
Haren & Natalie Samivel

Anyone close to us would tell you that my husband and I are a pair of weirdos.

When we decided to get married, we wanted our wedding to represent who we are as a couple. We were very particular about everything, from the flowers to the music, to the celebrant. It all needed to be just right.

Theresa was recommended to me through Facebook. While scrolling through her page, I had this gut feeling that we had found our girl. After meeting with her for the first time, I was 100% sure of it. It was as if she had known us for years. She delivered a beautiful ceremony that was tailor-made for us. I didn’t want it to be sappy and overly-emotional; while tears were inevitable from our auntie Janice, Theresa made it cheerful, funny, and inspiring. Her all-round aura is just vibrant and warm and you can tell that she just loves marriage, love, and celebrating 2 silly kids who are madly in love.

If you’re looking for a celebrant who will pay extra attention to even the smallest of details about your day and translate that into the blessing ceremony she conducts, I can’t recommend anyone other than Theresa.

Adam and I can’t thank you enough for making our day absolutely perfect. You were such a joy to have on the day and we will never forget it.

Jay and Adam.

Theresa is that amazing someone!

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and we all want that perfect someone to marry us away and make us feel comfortable sharing those ever so important vows.

For our 20th wedding anniversary I decided to surprise marry my amazing wife for the third time (we renewed our vows at our 10th), and this time I wanted it to be even more special and perfect. From the moment I heard Theresa’s voice, I could feel the love and joy in it, and I instantly knew I wanted her to be part of our day. She loves love, and she was so excited to share and be part of our special day.

Knowing it was a surprise for my wife, she kept phone calls to specific times, and she was very sneaky with emails. I often think she was more excited at times about this than I was. As we were coming from Kuwait to Dubai for the weekend, she went out of her way to scout out the resort area to find the perfect place I had in mind.

I am not sure how she did it, but from the moment we got to the resort/hotel, we were looked at by every member of the staff these amazingly huge smiles (everyone knew what was happening, but my dear wife). From that point on, it was terrific! All the questions and research she asked before that day allowed her to present us with the most incredible story of our life and journey together. It was like she knew us for the past 20 years.

Theresa is indeed an incredible woman and her love for marriage is something so special, that you want her to part of your day. Thank you Theresa for making our surprise 20th so memorable.

Les and Leah.

I was planning my wedding for December

I was looking for a celebrant and came across Theresa who stood out from all the others. I arranged to meet Theresa and from the 1st moment I saw her I knew straight away that she would be the person to marry us. The passion, the fun, the love she had for what she did made her the right person for the job.

Theresa went out of her way asking questions from the outset, involving our children during the meetings we had. Theresa’s bubbly personality and the love for what she did made our wedding planning and day even more enjoyable.

We had such a lovely relationship and we kept in contact all the way up to our big day. Theresa was always offering her knowledge to assist in making our day even better and was more than happy to oblige any requests we had along the way. Theresa suggested that our oldest Son read a poem out at the wedding. Our Son picked the poem and executed it perfectly on the day which made it even more special.

The big day finally arrived not only did Theresa look amazing her beautiful smile made everyone feel at ease. The service was amazing and there wasn’t a dry eye in sight. The service was personal and loving in every detail. We could honestly say that Theresa went above and beyond and made our day so special it will last forever with us.

After the service everyone couldn’t stop talking about how perfect and amazing it was and they had never been to a wedding like it. I could never thank Theresa enough for my perfect day. Theresa has such a big heart and we will never forget how she made our day so special.
There is no one like Theresa!!

Claire and Alex.

Finding the most suitable celebrant for our wedding was so important

I felt this person would have to set the tone and mood for our wedding as well as represent our bond to our family and friends.I think it’s important the bride and groom really connect with the right person for this role.

I found Theresa online and when I read her words about why she was a celebrant I knew she was the one for us. Theresa really focuses on love, and her love for love and marriage. This is evident when you meet her. She celebrates life and so do we.

Our wedding was non religious; it was a spiritual union between two individuals brought up in two very different ways. I am a British Eurasian, Catholic-raised and more Buddhist than anything else. My husband is an Emirati-Muslim. Our union, in front of our loved ones, was unconventional to say the least but it was one of the most memorable and beautiful days of our lives, and we thank Theresa for a huge part of that.

She put us at ease every step of the way. Her words of wisdom, experience, kindest, positive nature and honest heartfelt approach made our wedding even more special and memorable – not just for us, but also for our guests too. We can’t thank Theresa enough for being part of our journey.

Thank you.

Hershey and Yousuf.