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Hello, its me Theresa, and I am a Destination Wedding Celebrant residing in the amazing and exciting city of Dubai. The world is my wedding oyster. Whether your wedding ceremony is in Dubai at a  luxury hotel, on a beach, on a yacht, in the desert, or some other exotic location, I can be there.

I can even go to a  Greek Island, Turkey, Tuscany, Cyprus, Sri Lanka,Cote d’azure or any other beautiful spot in the world to conduct your wedding ceremony. Whether you have hundreds of guests, or just a few, my heart  still overflows  with passion for the ceremony.

Its all about you: Everything on your wedding day is all about you, and what fun to create a ceremony that reflects your love for each other. I stand amazed at how love happens, and one thing I know for sure: love happens anytime, anywhere, anyhow and any age. Love jumps across  cultures, and  continents, and every love story is different and utterly unique. Aint love just grand! 

Love has no age barriers: By the way, just a reminder: love is not only for the young ones, oh no. Love offers second, third and even more chances, so never forget that.

I am a love expert: How well I know the feeling of my heart filled to the brim and overflowing with love, utter contentment, joy, happiness, and awe. Love is just wonderful. In fact, with this kind of love, you can climb any mountain, catch every curved ball life might cast your way, understand every season and dance the dance of life and love. My desire is to impart to all my couples getting married words of love, life and wisdom, to enable them to build strong love-filled marriages, that will cause them to daily fall in love with each other  all over again.

Soon to be engaged, newly engaged, or planning your wedding day: I have a little golden nugget of advice I like to pass on to all my bridal couples: enjoy the journey of planning your wedding, have lots of fun along the way, life isn’t perfect so don’t stress if something does not go according to plan.

Innovation is the mother of all wedding inventions, and you want to  create memorable stories and memories along the way.

Celebrate every milestone in the journey leading up to  your wedding day, as these are stories you will share with your children one day! Staying loved up on this pre-wedding journey is more important than all the stuff you have to organize.

On your wedding day, the most important thing is to be relaxed and to savor every moment.  As you walk down the isle to your prince, take snapshots of every step along the way as you fix your gaze on your darling waiting for you.

This is Your Moment. Your Wedding Day has finally arrived!

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