Dear Brides to be……..if there is anything your planning for when getting married in Dubai, it should be Theresa……..

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Theresa MADE our entire ceremony. It is so important to be relaxed and comfortable and feel connected to the individual who conducts your symbolic ceremony. Theresa is just this. From the moment we met, and I heard her voice on the phone I felt so at ease and so confident for the day ahead.

To be honest, I was just expecting to meet with another vendor.. to tick my list, another major thing outstanding would now be complete. I came home however and found this beautiful, vibrant lady filled with smiles and giggles waiting to greet me. Theresa makes the world a better place with her smile and instantly puts you at ease. Theresa is a listener and this is so important when it comes to discussing how you want the day to go. Everyone is watching, cameras are filming and you’re nervous enough already… so the wording and the order of events needs to be in capable hands. Let me tell you, I never worried about a thing. Not for a second, if anything Theresa became my confidante and made everything simple and enjoyable.

My husband is shy… and I was really worried that it was all going to be a but much. Actually wait shy is an understatement! He is beyond timid and extremely conscious of people listening to him speak English as it is not his native language. Yet lo and behold, I had him walking down an aisle, saying vows twice the length of mine and loving every second of it!! We could never have achieved this if Theresa wasn’t with us every step of the way. 99% percent of the feedback mentioned how beautiful our ceremony was and how they could all feel our love. This is purely down to the way Theresa conducted our ceremony and made all the guests feel welcome.

Now, I know this reads like a testimonial which I suppose in a way it is.. however, I really want to say I am not writing this like a review of a vendor, I am writing about a friend who impacted our lives and made our wedding day. There are people who impact you from the first meeting, there are people who have infectious spirits… this is Theresa. I genuinely love her dearly and cannot recommend her enough.

PS… just a little note to B&G’s out there reading this: When the legal part is done and your bursting to get in your white dress, take the time to remember the importance of the day. The ceremony specifically. Take it slow and absorb every single second. I am sure you will have read this whilst planning for your day… but it really does go so fast. It’s now almost a month since my wedding and what I can remember the most is Theresa at the end of the aisle giving it her all to make this day perfect for us. And it was just that, perfect.

You will make right and wrong decisions when picking wedding vendors here in Dubai… but make the right choice when it comes to your celebrant and choose Theresa. Just look at my photos that Theresa has shared on this page.. look at my face and you will know this is more than just a testimonial.
Lots of Love,

Yasser and Ruth